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Back To Basics, Kamloops - January 11th 2016

Let’s get back to basics, Kamloops. Promotional products are any item that is branded and used to promote a business, idea, brand, team, club, or event. These items are used as freebies at trade shows and as gifts to employees, or customers and clients. There are many items to choose from when it comes to promotional products, so where does one start? Set your budget, consider your intended audience, and determine the connection you want to make with your business. Here are three fairly inexpensive ways to use promotional products.


The mighty pen. Look around your house, office, or on your desk and you will find a branded pen. You may not pay too much attention to this pen, but you will realize that you have had this pen for quite some time. You will also realize that you know the business on that pen, you will remember where you received that pen, and chances are if you needed their services you would think of that business and the services they offer. Writing instruments such as pens are inexpensive when used as trade show freebies, or spend a little more and show that you care about your most respected customers or clients. Pens and other writing instruments are available in a variety of colors and styles including plastic and metal, and depending on your need they are available with gift boxes and can be engraved to truly show you mean it.


Fill your shopping tote bag! We have a reached a point in time where your customers care for the environment in every way, even while out shopping. Putting your brand on a shopping bag is a great way to get noticed since the user will carry this bag through each and every store they visit. Tote bags are available in a number of shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics. Order some shopping bags today and start giving them away!


Water bottles and travel mugs. Try to count pedestrians without a drink of some sort in their hand. Do you think about what they may be drinking, or are you like us and consider what is on the item that they are carrying? Branding your business on water bottles, coffee tumblers, and travel mugs are a perfect way to keep your business in front of your audience. This is one item that doesn’t easily get thrown out, so choose carefully.
We hope that we have got the wheels turning. If you’re looking for more ideas or want to discuss how to brand your business, contact us today.

Right On Target Promotions is a Kamloops based dealer of promotional products, branded apparel, tents, and flags of all nations. We help you find the right products for your needs, from screen printing and embroidery, to pop up tents, inflatable airtents, arches, banners, and more.

KeychainPromotional Products are considered to be any product imprinted with an advertisers name, brand, logo, message, event, or offer. Products include stationary and writing instruments, drinkware, bags, usb flash drives, golf products, gift sets, and much more. Options and ideas are unlimited. Contact us with your idea and we’re happy to help.
ApparelHave your selection of apparel screen printed or embroidered with your design, brand, event, or logo. Apparel options include t-shirts, polo shirts, yoga wear, outerwear, winter wear, headwear, shorts and pants, jerseys, and more. Top brands to select from including Stormtech, Eddie Bauer, American Apparel, and more.
TentsLP Tent products include pop up tents and inflatable airtents with custom printed canopies, inflatable event and race arches, inflatable cubes, flags and other communication media. Stand out with one of these tents that are like no other.