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Promotional Name Badges - May 3rd 2016

Often not considered by most people, nametags play a significant role for most companies. Name badges assist with maintaining a positive company or corporate image, assist employees in addressing each other, help to maintain a secure office space, provide a personal touch for customers to easily address employees, and help break the ice for most new conversations. These promotional items are used daily and will be required by businesses for a long time to come. Here are some different name badge options that we have available to our customers.




Along with laser engraved name badges, this is the most popular and inexpensive option for businesses. We start with a thin aluminum substrate, sublimation paper, a sublimation printer, and a source of heat and pressure. The contents for the name badge are printed on to the sublimation paper and aligned on the aluminum substrate. A heat press is used to apply heat and pressure for the appropriate amount of time which transfers the contents on to the aluminum name badge. Each nametag is finished with either a pin or magnet.


Laser Engraved


Usually around the same price as a sublimated name badge, the laser engraved nametag is a great option if you like a clean, engraved appearance. The downside to this option is that we are limited often to a tone on tone color for the name badge and laser engraved part of the nametag. For example, white logo and writing on a black nametag.


Custom shape


Custom shaped name badges are a great option if you’re looking to be unique or to represent a specific image. For example, an airline may want their name badges to be the shape of an aircraft. There will often me minimum quantities or minimum charges for custom shaped name badges since the manufacturing process is quite complex. In the case of these name badges, a custom die is created in order to cut and stamp each of the nametags.


3D emblems


Sometimes our customers want a standard name badge, but want a 3D emblem placed on the front. This requires a process very similar to the custom shape name badges where a die is created in order to stamp out the 3D emblem. The emblem is then mounted to the name badge to provide the 3D appearance.


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