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Promotional Tent Tips: Poly Versus PVC - August 16th 2017

Right On Target Promotions provides quality promotional pop up and air tents to Kamloops and the Thompson Okanagan. Whether your business is hosting an event outside or you need shelter for runners on race day, RT Promo has the knowledge and product to help. An important decision when picking a tent is thematerial used for the canopy and the walls. Choosing what type of tent fits your situation and operating environment the best can be very confusing. What's the difference between our Nylon Polyester and our PVC tent fabrics? Let's find out!


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A common fabric used across the industry for tent tops is the 500 Denier Polyester. This is often the most economical choice for a promotional tent.These tents are usually UV stabilised and may or may not be fire-rated. These polyester tops are a more plastic, tarp-like material than the PVC tops we offer, and are often thinner and less water resistant. Often rather than a measure of weight per square metre, these tents are measured in denier which is an expression of the amount of thread used in the fabric and not the thickness or weight of the overall material. The higher the denier rating, the harder it is to make water resistant. Our Nylon Polyester LPTENT product is a far superior choice over the standard denier polyester fabrics.
The LPTENT Nylon Polyester tent fabric represents the middle ground between the basic industry wide denier polyester and our LPTENT PVC materials. This fabric option is coated on one side with a PVC coating for additional strength, UV resistance, and additional water resistance. This tent canopy option providesa great choice for uses where PVC canopies are not required or where a PVC canopy does not work with the budget. Our Nylon Polyester tent canopy option is available in a minimum of five standard colors. This tent canopy fabric meets both US/NFPA-701 and CAN/ULC-S109 fire rating standards for use both indoors and outdoors.

Pure PVC tent canopies are the king of the pop up promotional mountain. PVC provides a luxurious, premier material that has different qualities than either of the polyester base choices. PVC canopies are UV coated, providing excellent weather protection and makes it resistant to mold and salt damage, and long term fabric strength. The PVC fabric has been tested for resistance against wear and tear. The brilliant glossy finish of a PVC tent does a great job of showing off your business' logo and colors to anyone nearby. Our PVC canopy option is available in a minimum of nine standard colors. This tent canopy fabric meets both US/NFPA-701 and CAN/ULC-S109 fire rating standards for use both indoors and outdoors.




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Once your tent material choice has been made, RT Promo can make sure your business branding takes centre stage for your next event. Keep checking back here for more tips on how to care for and protect your promotional tents. Call or Email Right On Target Promotions today to get your next promotional tent taken care of!

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