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Tips for Creating Great Embroidery Designs - January 7th 2019

Right On Target Promotions - RT Promo provides custom promotional products and services to businesses in Kamloops, BC and surrounding areas. Included in our apparel branding services is the ever-popular embroidery on hats, shirts, jackets and more for your Kamloops business or event. We are going to cover some tips for creating simple yet powerful embroidery designs that will make your business stand out over the long term!

Embroidery is a great choice for small to medium businesses to show off their logos, as it looks professional and is less costly than silk screening. To embroider means to decorate cloth by sewing patterns on it with thread, and it has become important in business branding. With the embroidery machines used, your multi-color text and image can be embroidered on to the garment of your choice. The three dimensional, textured effect of embroidered promotional products can be quite striking, especially with simple designs. In terms of cost, it is the number of stitches (size of the embellishment) that are counted for embroidery rather than the number of colours used.

Let's get into some embroidery design tips!

1. Consider keeping a simple design. We will be opening your printed or digital artwork on computer software that allows us to define and interpret the design in stitches, which we digitize and teach the embroidery machine how to embroider. Although this process is technical, it is also artistic and no two "digitizers" would interpret your design the same way. With a minimalist design, there is less room for interpretation different from your own.

2. Think about minimizing the number of colours in your artwork. A few well-chosen colours that offer a sharp contrast between the embroidered design and background fabric can be very alluring and visually pleasing. Again, it comes back to simplicity. Minimizing colours will also allow for higher machine productivity, as there will be fewer stops by the machine to trim threads and change colours. This could save time and money.

3. Carefully choose the fabric and/or garments for your embroidered promotional products. Fabric that is stretchy or has surface piles can present a challenge, as it moves more than other fabrics during the embroidery process. If your design has large blocks of stitches, the fabric is more likely to be pulled toward that area. We at RT Promo are partial to hats for various reasons. They provide a well defined canvas for impactful logos and designs, including 3D 'puff' embroidery. And for placement alone, business logos on headwear are like beacons screaming, "read me!"

4. It's a lot about symmetry. Creative use of the existing design on your clothing or bag can beautifully accentuate your embroidery and vice versa. Thread is a versatile medium for reaching areas that may not be accessible to screen printing. Thread will work hard promoting your business.

Although the embroidery process is complex, a simple, classy design can be a great way to add value to your promotional apparel. Right on Target Promotions in Kamloops offers an extensive selection of polo shirts, jackets and outerwear, workwear, and headwear ready to be embroidered with your club branding or business logo. We will help you pick out the right product within your budget. Select from quality Stormtech or Eddie Bauer jackets to for your employees to OGIO polo shirts and Flexfit or New Era hats to stay classy. Give us a shout to get started on your promotional project.

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