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Flags & Marketing

Maybe you're looking to get more attention for your Kamloops business, or maybe you're missing a piece of home or are just proud to support your local, we will provide you with the flag that will work for your needs.  We supply custom flags for businesses, trade shows, and flags of all countries and areas within.
Indoor flags, Outdoor flags, Canadian flags, USA flags, flags of all other nations, provincial and state flags, or even custom flags.
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Teardrop & Feather FLags

Teardrop flags and feather flags are perfect for placing out front of your business. These flags will catch the attention of passersby so that your business and brand is the first thing they see.  These flags are available with ground spikes, X-bases, or can be connected to our XP or ZP LPTENT with a specifically designed hanger.


Canadian, Provincial, Territory Flags

Canadian, provincial and territory flags are available in many sizes. We have different fabrics for if you are hanging the flags indoors, or flying them high outdoors. 


USA & State Flags  

Flags of the United States Of America and all the states within. Available in many sizes and fabrics depending where you plan on using the flags. 


Flags of All Countries  

If you're missing a piece of home, we will get you a flag from your home country. Popular flags are the Union Jack of the United Kingdon, Germany, South Aficra, and Australia. 


Custom Flags

Fly your Kamloops business high in the air with a custom flag. Custom flags are quoted on an individual basis, so send us your artwork and we'll get right on this. Custom flags include company logos, family coat of arms, events, protests, and more.  Contact us for more details.
KeychainPromotional Products are considered to be any product imprinted with an advertisers name, brand, logo, message, event, or offer. Products include stationary and writing instruments, drinkware, bags, usb flash drives, golf products, gift sets, and much more. Options and ideas are unlimited. Contact us with your idea and we’re happy to help.
ApparelHave your selection of apparel screen printed or embroidered with your design, brand, event, or logo. Apparel options include t-shirts, polo shirts, yoga wear, outerwear, winter wear, headwear, shorts and pants, jerseys, and more. Top brands to select from including Stormtech, Eddie Bauer, American Apparel, and more.
TentsLP Tent products include pop up tents and inflatable airtents with custom printed canopies, inflatable event and race arches, inflatable cubes, flags and other communication media. Stand out with one of these tents that are like no other.